An evident spike in the E-commerce business amidst the pandemic

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The noble coronavirus has caught the world unusually. Every métier and line of business has been prodigiously affected by the upshots of the pandemic. Shops, offices, and major brands and outlets have been shut down temporarily or, in some cases, permanently. Lockdowns imposed in different countries have wrecked the businesses of many.

Entrepreneurs and startups have been thrashed with severe blows of losses and detriments due to failure in sales and thereby profits. There is a deficiency in goods and products being delivered on time which further adds to the financial losses. Additionally, potential customers and shoppers avoid crowded places like shops and outlets for shopping due to the horrors of catching the deadly virus. This leads to a major drop in buying power which results in losing capital.

However, one venture that has spiked phenomenally during the pandemic is the E-commerce business. This refers to electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. These commercial transactions, which are done electronically, have seen to have risen at an unprecedented rate in the pandemic.

Research has shown a surge in the e-commerce venture. The coronavirus pandemic has put e-commerce at the forefront of retail. These charts show the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on online retail, including U.S. online sales growth, retail bankruptcies, curbside pickup, and traffic on Amazon.com. Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. retailers in 2020, up 44.0% from $598.02 billion in 2019, according to the latest Digital Commerce 360 analysis. Online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales last year, compared with 15.8% the year prior.

Following that, the gains of e-commerce during the pandemic are colossal. Primarily, there is higher safety. Shoppers do not have to go to crowded places to acquire their necessities. There is no social contact, and the risks of catching the virus are hence subsided. Through just a few clicks, one can quickly get their hands on their favorite items, goods, and even services.

Further, there is a high convenience and comfort. The pleasures of getting your parcels at your doorstep are noteworthy. Additionally, online shopping through e-commerce websites tends to pose more economical. There are discounts and vouchers available that ensure affordability. Further, the costs of fuel are saved. Having said that, people who are already economically struggling in the pandemic have found this demeanor to be more financially stable and gainful.

There is a wide variety of products and services when shopping through e-commerce websites. A more informed decision is made when executing online shopping. When you’re purchasing from a physical store, it takes forever to search for product reviews and ratings on your mobile phones while you’re there so that you could see which brands are better. With online shopping, the product itself already presents its customer ratings, so you can have a quick look to see top-rated and highly recommended ones.

A fine paradigm of an online shopping outlet is Newness. This is an emerging e-commerce luxury fashion brand that provides exceptional comfort and eases its customers in the deadly pandemic through their online shopping experience. The Company operates in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates digital marketplace globally, connecting brands, retailers, and consumers. The distinctive brand consists of three components; applications, services, and data. The Company’s data science capability automates decision-making by applying machine learning to guide merchandising, targeting, curation, and feedback. The Company also offers supply chain capabilities to its platform partners, from content creation to its global fulfillment network, which integrates delivery partners from around the world in a single interface. The Company’s platform is accessible through its Website (www.newness.net),  iPhone Operating System (iOS), and Android applications.

Founded by Neaj Morshed, Newness comprises of top-tier brands and boutiques all in one place. They also have their labels and exclusives. Newness believes in luxury fashion and comfort. Its mission is to become the leading global platform for online shopping by providing exceptional customer service and top-grade products. From established powerhouse designers to emerging brands and boutiques, they only partner with the best to ensure comfort, ease, style, and luxury. The exceptional brand has made its magnificent name in the consumer market by providing doorstep delivery of products even in challenging times when the virus has made it impossible to acquire the necessities.

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