Feeling down? Hit Add to cart: The countless gains of online shopping

Are you feeling low-spirited and casting down on yourself? These are possible signs of getting your fix. For some, the way out is shopping their heart out and thereby achieving eternal euphoria. Shopping is known to induce pleasure and contentment. Individuals who are falling in melancholy often seek their way out through shopping and purchasing the products or services they desire.

The recent epochal shift to the digital age and the evident emergence of online shopping, and the booming venture of e-commerce have eased buyers’ shopping experience. The exceptional wonders of online shopping lure purchasers to shop easily through their homes and receive their parcels without hustling and facing the horrors of physical buying.

The exceptional effects of shopping on your subconscious mind are matchless. The feeling of ‘add to cart’ substantively releases pressure and stress; it unwinds your incapacitated soul and averts depression and melancholy. It seeds an adrenaline rush, thereby inducing excitement and pleasure. During a shopping experience, the human brain releases the chemical dopamine, a kind of natural messenger essential to the brain’s normal functioning and which has a role in our ability to experience pleasure or pain. It also appears to have a role in addictive behavior.

“You’re getting a release of a chemical in the brain which is associated with learning, with making new memories, and with learning behaviors and how to repeat them,” explains David Sulzer, an associate professor at Columbia University Medical Center who studies the functioning of the brain.

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